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Tammie has been a loyal staff member since 1989. As the office receptionist, she will assist patients with scheduling appointments, checking in patients upon arrival and helping patients complete the required forms. She is also the coordinator of surgery. This includes scheduling surgical procedures at Memorial Medical Center and Saint John's Hospital, as well as ensuring patients complete their pre-surgical requirements with their primary care physicians. She also helps obtain prior authorization from the patient's insurance company, if required.


Gitana is our very capable certified X-Ray Technician since coming to our practice in 1994. She will gently guide patients through the process of obtaining needed x-rays, as well as assist the physicians with patient care in the treatment rooms. She ensures the physicians are supplied with needed information to enable them seamless treatment of patients.


Pam joined our staff in 1995. Before joining our team at Prairie Podiatry, she worked with Dr. Richard Brown in his Taylorville office and still does to this day. As a medical assistant, Pam uses her talent and good nature to assist patients and the physicians alike through the course of the patient's appointment. She enjoys working with all patients and is instrumental in the smooth transition moving patients from the waiting room to the treatment room.


Kara joined our practice in 2012 after graduating from the Midwest Technical Institute. Kara is a medical assistant to the physicians, as well as one of the office receptionists. Kara will also be available to help you with any billing questions. She brings her sunny and positive attitude to the office each day and is excited to greet and help each patient.


Kim rejoined the Prairie staff in March, 2018. As a medical assistant, Kim uses her medical expertise to assist patients through the course of their treatment. She enjoys working with all patients and is highly regarded by the patients in her care.


Maggie joined our practice in late April, 2016. Maggie is the Office Manager and head of our accounts payable, and she and Kara work together on the complex world of insurance claims and patient billing. She brings a wealth of general office knowledge after being in the legal and banking industries for over 25 years and is willing to help in any way needed. 

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